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[Event] [Forum Member ] Signature Making Contest

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Posted on 6/13/14 1:08:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Good day!

Now days, forum member create and display great design ideas on their signature, so why don\'t we make it an event?!

Event discription:
Create your own/personal signature. Make sure you DO NOT POST the signature you use in your account. The theme must be based on the forum you belong (cc, col,col2,wod,thpd etc).


1. Post your new original signature to join. 1 post each member.
2. The signature may be in the form of a image or in phrase, sentence or quotation.
3. No spamming or posting thread which is not related to the event.
4. Foul words is not allowed.
5. No voting using Fake / Aternate / Smurf accounts.
6. All participants must posts favors to vote for best signature ( member can not vote for own post )
7. Host & IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

The winner will be based on the favor gained by a member. The top 10 highest vote will have a chance to get a special rewards. The contestant is allowed to vote on the other member only once or he/she will be disqualified.

1st place - 5 Karma, 10 Reputation, 1 permanent badge
                                         & 1 (30 day ) limited badge
2nd place - 5 Karma, 5 Reputation, 1 manual badge
3rd place - 1 manual badge

- All member in top 10 will receive 5 Favors each.

June 13th - June 19th - Winner will be announce on june 22nd.

source: [Forum Member ] Signature Making Contest

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