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[Event] Fathers Day Event

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Posted on 6/9/14 6:13:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Please post in this link

Event Description:
Here is an opportunity to show your appreciation and respect to the First and most important MAN in your life while sharing the love with your forum members.  Upload a picture of you with your Father, or your Father's Day gift and tell us briefly what your Father means to you.  ( 50 words or less )

Event Duration:                                                                                                     
June 9th - June 13th

How To Participate:
1) Type intiials of your gaming forum in bold letters..  ( CC, *identify IOS or Android,  COL2, GWO, SLOTS, THPD, WOD )
2)  Upload your picture and text into the reply box
3) directly beneath paste the hide code ( provided below ) and post your gaming information to claim prize with the hide code, provided below.  Note: THPD & Slots post IGG ID#, CC, COL2 post IGG ID & Character Name, GWO post FBID, Character Name and IGN Server, WOD post Character Name, IGG ID and Server.  "All Members Must List Forum Name To Qualify"

*Note: To type code [ hide=10000] personal information here [ /hide] no spaces in red letters
                                                          OR COPY CODE
Forum Name:
IGG ID# Here:
Character Name:
IGN Server:
Copy the Code
        Copy the complete code above into reply box and post your selection and IGG ID# where indicated:

Event Rules:
You can only claim prize from one forum
You can attend only once per person / per IP address, or You Will Be Disqualified
Personal information should be posted with hide code, IGG ID#, Character Name, FBID, IGN, Server
Submit Hosting Forum Name or Initals You Are Claiming Prize From
Spamming/Illegal contest will lead to being disqualified from event.
Questions are not allowed in the event thread - Use Q&A thread
Winners are selected based on best submission as determined by hosting moderators
IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
You will recieve your reward in 7-10 bussiness days after event results announcement.

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