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[Chat(iOS)] New player need advice

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Posted on 6/15/18 7:08:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello all? I just started playing yesterday, and i have no idea what the optimal way to.progress is, i am looking to.not waste my time on useless hero compilations.
Would you mind please advising me on what the best way to progress is.
Which heros i should aim for and what i need to do with them.
I currently have a
lv68 renee ven
Lv50 caroldbelle
Lv 50 skull mage
Lv 46 artic.lord
Lv 26 dark rider

Are these any good?

Thank you in advance

Posted on 6/15/18 5:29:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You do an excellent job of getting yourself information before heading nose deep into the game.

At first glance, all epic heroes start out being truly epic. Their skills will just be part of it at the start.

But as time progresses, you really want only a select few epic heroes to be the top of the line. You will need at least 20 to 30 very well specced heroes if you'd like to be good in everything. Not the best, but good.

Skull Mage is the only somewhat useful hero in my experience on the early to midgame for just about anything, provided he has at least Leo evolution. He's still great for Battle Royale very late game. But that's all intel I have for you on him. He has long been my favourite hero together with Abyss Demon.

Arctic Lord is useful when playing coloseum, guild clash and battle square. His divine can hit key buildings very hard, which are the condition to victory in said modes except for guild clash. But in that mode, he shines where he takes all damage with absolute 100% absorption rate as long as all attacks are pointed at him. However, speccing into this hero will require you to have a good Renee Ven and a few Ravager aids. It's too complicated to explain in this post, but late game, you will understand it.

Staying on the topic of Renee Ven: she can make sure that divine powers can be repeated. Her divine level 5 makes your last 2 divine powers repeat itself. Let's just say that this term is used to describe an epic skill which is too broad for this post to explain. But she's useful in almost every situation... late to very late game. In end game, she's still as useful as she is before. Very useful.

Carol d Belle. Hmm... not sure what to say about her. But she is useful as main tank in hero trials. Also mid game eldern boss, she'll help you greatly. But late game? Hero trials it is.

Dark Rider will not help you in any way in the long run. He can absorp a good amount of dmg and he shields his teammates with his divine too. But when your enemy meets certain requirements mid game, Dark Rider will become obsolete.

Furthermore, the 20 heroes I'm talking about are mostly going to be Blockhead, The Berserker, Enchantress, Storm Rider, Pan Goli, Ravager among a few others. You will be wanting to have 3 or 4 of said heroes at at least skill level 20 as their aid and level 120+. Level as hero aid doesn't really matter. It will provide a small bonus to hp or atk but it's the aid skill which it's all about in the long run.

Check out the following thread on hero aids for more information:

Happy clashing!

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Posted on 7/6/18 1:03:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the detailed answer, I just started playing so I wanted to be sure what I am doing too instead of wasting time :)