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[Chat(Android)] Arcane Caster Fortitude - Please Explain?

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Posted on 6/2/18 6:13:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Arcane Caster's Fortitude Skill (lvl 2 - 5) reads as (for lvl 3):

"If hero loses 30% HP in 5 seconds, its Divine skill will activate instantly. The Divine Skill will not activate at any other time. Arcane Caster may not have already activated her Divine Skill. She must also already be in battle and can't be stunned or silenced."

As usual...not terribly clear. My understanding of this is that if you have Arcane Caster as a defending hero all other heroes will *only* cast their Divine Skill if they lose 30% of their HP in 5 seconds (is that max HP or current HP?) and if Arcane Caster has not already cast her Divine Skill and if Arcane Caster is not stunned or silenced when a different hero loses 30% of their HP in 5 seconds. Also, does "She must already be in battle" mean that she has to have been triggered/activated by an enemy (as opposed to idling in Heroes Hall)?

If that is correct, I don't get the point of the skill at all. It seems like it would do more harm than anything... If my reading is correct does that mean that if you are able to lure Arcane Caster out first and get her to cast her Divine then no other defending hero will use their divine at all during the entire battle?

Posted on 6/5/18 5:54:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only