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[Chat(Android)] Nerfs for the nerf gods. Knock WF and TS down a few pegs.

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Posted on 5/18/17 11:03:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wolvenfiend and Toxic Shaman seriously, very badly need a nerf. They are far overpowerful and bring great imbalance to the game. Wolv is a tank-all and TS is a destroy-all, and there are no good defenses against them unless they're significantly lower leveled than your own heroes. Nerf them asap.

Reduce TS's active skill dmg a little bit, and implement a %chance effect to his Divine's poison and puppet revival effects.

Reduce Wolvenfiend's Active effects by about 33-50%. Should still make him strong enough to hold his own, but not so strong that he's a one-monster army as he is now. or, equalise his effects. Increase the effects in the lower half of his skill levels by 10-20%, reduce the effects of the upper half by 10-30%. The further away from middle, the bigger the change, based on which effect. This should make him slightly more viable at lower skill levels but less absurdly overpowerful at higher skill levels.
Also reduce the effects of his divine skill some. His Divine's first level is already crazy powerful  Reduce it to a 60% max hp heal for the first level and 80% for the second, and reduce the potency of the enemy Rage buildup reduction by a little bit for the first two levels.

Posted on 5/18/17 11:42:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It highly depends on the progress you made so far. Smart players who play the game to make a strong alt know that Toxic Shaman and Wolf are simply very easy to get up really fast. They are very killable though. Wolf is killable by using a wolf aid on your heroes and/or a Toxic Shaman, which also leads to him: he is very vulnerable to Great Sage and Rath. Essentially, they do the same: block the opponent from using his skill (easily).

Nerfing them one more time after the many nerfs that, at least wolf, have seen would make people really freak out. But I do not own IGG, nor am I in direct contact with the devs

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Posted on 5/18/17 5:33:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

why does my maxxed out wolf die;; he's supposed to be op;;
wolf and ts are strong vs noobs is all.  fight real players and splat.
do you see any top players using wolf?

Posted on 5/18/17 8:33:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dude, Wolf aid not helping much to deal with a Wolf. Please take notice that when you face the Wolf what equipment he have.
I think the work of the Heart and Wolf human form skill + Wolf dodge rate cause some problem that make his recovery rate abnormal (crash my game when he 1 vs 5 me).
So at first I think the aid which lower health recovery rate help. It did. But not again the Dragon Heart (think about it work and you will see why every OP Wolf use Wonton and Hearth).
=> Need to counter the DODGE  (this is the most important thing now as Wolf user know you will use aid to lower health recovery).

The question is how to counter the DODGE (remember he can more than 80% dodge with full aid and enchantment and weapon and talent skill)
   WONTON aid only hit rate 17% (counter WONTON aid)
   Equipment add 25% hit rate (counter Dragon Heart)
   Your hero hit rate enchantment (counter Wolf enchant DODGE rate)

But how to counter the skill of Dragon Heart and the talent skill ?

Note: Tyrant brand does help to go through his DMG_RED and it is a much because his human skill heal still base on the DMG before DMG_RED not on the decreased on after DMG_RED (his heal still OP so lower heal is correct but not enough.)

Posted on 5/19/17 4:38:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Of course wolf is a bit overpowered...comparing with heavily enlightened heroes it loses a bit of its lustre..not everyone here can get those maxed insight high end heroes...comparing with top players is just stupid.

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Posted on 5/20/17 4:36:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wolf has been nerfed every update progressively since his release because of cry babies that don't know how to counter him flooding igg pages with complaints.  My maxed wolf used to be immortal now he can get killed very easily. Thanks for that btw..  Anyways, moral of the story if u still can't beat wolf u should quit the game.

Posted on 5/20/17 4:40:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Oh n if they nerf the only other hero I poured all my resources into enough to max out (toxic) I'll quit the game. Sick of cry babies whining over nerf this or that.. Build ur own wolf if he's that op.. And another thing if they nerf wolf again they should fix his human form taunt n his wolf divine teleport because neither works also fix his divine skill how it takes 10 secs to activate after pushing the button  /rant

Posted on 5/22/17 3:52:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I do agree WF shouldn't be nerfed anymore he is already almost useless, TS is shitty in coli when u know how to counter him, but on base defence with BK, EN, SR aids he can be a problem cuz untill now we don't have anything that counters his freaking cloud, but we all know IGG a hero that will fukc him up is coming look at PG and AD for an instance.....

Posted on 5/23/17 9:20:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My WF isn't doing as great as he used to do... maybe he got nerfed already, maybe not, but lesson learned - probably won't bother with the next hero if they'll be doing the same thing they did to WF. It's hard to put a lot of work and resources into a hero that they'll just nerf soon after. I'll wait for skull mage enlightenment :)

Posted on 5/25/17 4:11:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Its funny how all the power-hungry idiots jumped on WF to max it out, because they enjoy only overpowered heroes, like all the little unskilled casual noobs where most of them gets everything they have with money instead of skill and if a nerf comes along to balance the game, most of them are salty as f*ck :D GET REKT :D
Look at these guys...comparing a hero's power level to only themselves...THIS IS GAME DEVELOPMENT, where the company needs to balance heroes properly on all levels and all circumstances! So stop talking about the high-end money spender cashcow bullsh*t gameplay situations cus thats only 1 part of the game!