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[Chat (Amazon)] The new hero is good or bad??

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Posted on 5/12/17 3:39:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can anyone tell me if the new hero is good or bad? And is he worth investing in? Is he a top 5 hero?

Posted on 5/13/17 3:34:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would assume that the Ravager has been brought in to stop Ironclad strategies. He's part of a strategy in the top of the world.

- His skill will draw someone in from a distance, meaning that Ironclad is not a reliable hero at this point against those heroes on base.

- His aid is also very Ironclad unfriendly. When Ironclad uses his divine and the hero who has this hero aid on him, the hero will gain invincibility for 7 seconds.

Is he good? Only for top spenders, but won't be widely used due to the hero aid's high cooldown time and the main hero on the field in defence is just strong but not strong enough for high end p2p. But like Wolvenfiend, he does sound very OP for midgame use.

Happy clashing!

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