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[[Event] Strategies & Tips] Pan Goli's return ( story event)

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Posted on 12/31/16 10:49:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Long long time ago, lived some super warriors, Pan Goli, Air elite, Blitz Bomber. They love to have advanture together, go through the whole world find hidden treasure. They all have super skills.

"Missile Volley!!!!" Air elite fire his missiles to the monsters.
"Crazed Barrage !!!!" Fired Blitz.
"Now my turn", Said Pan Goli, "Ragna Rocker!!!!"

"Bam bam bam", all monsters cleared, our warriors finished their quest start new journey.

Life is happy and easy. 

Time flys, they getting older, start lost power. New warriors take their place, laugh at them.
"See these old guys, can they still defeat dead eyes?" Said Abyss Demon.
"I bet they gave chance to win Snifferois", Landslide said.
"Ohohoho, no they can't, they can't catch them, they run so slow", laughed Ambrosia.

The old warriors feel so sad, they miss the old days.
"We need change!!!!" Pan Goli said. "We are not old! We can do better".
"No, we are old, we can do nothing" Said Blitz.
"I will go find the IGG God! He can give us power again!" Said Pan Goli.
"No, I am old. IGG got like these young guys" Air elite Said!

So Pan Goli leave along, start his new advanture find IGG God. He sails across the seas, climb the mountains. He is getting older and older. 

"I am wrong, I almost died. IGG God give up on me. I should stay with my buddies".
When he almost died, he hear a sound "My true warrior, here's some gift for you".
"I must dreaming, i am dead", Pan Goli whispered. Suddenly he saw some shinning blue spirit! 

"These are the power from warriors like you, my warrior Pan Goli, they never give up", said IGG God.
Pan Goli get the spirit, he feels full of power again.

"Supr Blaze Blast lv 5!!!", "Bam bam bam" Abyess, Landslide and Ambrosia was kicked back by Pan Goli's new power.
"I am back! I never give up! ". Said Pan Goli. "I love you, my IGG God".

IGG God smile happily to his super warrior from the sky.