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[Chat (Amazon)] portal problems

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Posted on 9/26/16 7:18:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

After the recent update I am having trouble with the portal or more precisely both Hero trials and the coliseum.  First of all, my backup characters do not show up on the battle field, all I have are empty slots though my backup slots are filled on the menu.  Also in hero trials, even when I win the game registers it as a loss.  I won two battles out of  three but they were all registered as losses.  It also seemed that my enemy couldn't access their backup team either since I just only fought the first three and no backup characters came out.

Posted on 5/12/17 3:48:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm having issues too, because mine is in guild clash I'm apparently not doing any damage but for me I'm full clearing. also they are working on portal too so that may be why were having issues