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[Chat (WP)] IGG you should finally fix this

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Posted on 8/30/16 4:48:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I wrote this about two months ago "Guys, our game is constantly crashing after 2-3 PvP battles, after arena, after LL and sometimes it won't even load the game, crashes on almost every loading screen. Sometimes crashes randomly watching ranks and stuff like that. Please Igg fix this as soon as plausible". and you said you would fix it in the next update. Now even after changing Accounts and Still after Lords League attacks/prize collection. you guys said you would fix it, but u didn't. I can't watch any replay it's just crashing, the game runs smooth, and then it just lags for a sec and crashes. Please IGG fix this.

Posted on 8/30/16 7:57:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ya pls solve this issue... Once I even had a chat with live support.. They told me that game needs 2gb Ram. That's why I even tried in friend's Lumia 950XL still same issue after 2-4 matches game crashes... Pls anyone solve this issue... It gets annoying sometimes

Posted on 8/30/16 9:52:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The application doesn't completely crash, but all of my buttons disappear from the screen which forces me to boot up the task manager and cancel out of the game so that I can relaunch it. This happens every every 2-3 raids on my phone and tablet, and sometimes but not as often on my PC using Bluestacks.