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[Chat(iOS)] Which heroe is the worst

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Posted on 8/12/16 2:47:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Besides blitz bomber and savage chief, I want to know which heroes are very bad so I don't have to waste souls and rings on them. I want to know based on everything including their HP, aid skill, divine skill, etc

Posted on 8/12/16 10:25:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The absolute garbage heroes are
GP AE and may be BB(some people may find him useful as aid in ss strategy). Heroes which are useless as main heroes but still have decent  value as aid are SC and hydra. Pounder and dark rider are ok for a beginner but are not good heroes for long term future. RV is only useful in ss strategy especially if she is fully evolved. I dont like/use CdB either. BH is excellent aid and now with his divine he could be really useful. All other heroes find their use in pne or the other gaming mode.

Posted on 8/13/16 10:18:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

AE and GP - only used in wizard/air teams, don't waste rings on them, only souls if you are planning to use those teams
BB - top 3 BR aid on wizard heroes, not worth evolving, but if you want to get decent scores in BR on mages, lv up his aid skill. He is also decent at GC at the beginning
DR - good fortitude, if you are a keep or center in gc he is worth evolving but just for his fortitude. Good aid at higher aid skill lvs, SM, BH and Hydra are better though imo
SC - good aid, but just for your main tank, no other use
Hydra - neccessary divine if you use air team in attacking, also very good aid. Divine is also good in boss if you use flyers
Pdr - bad aid, bad main hero, only good in few BR stages
Cdb - decent divine for tuesday boss, decent aid for BR, BB is better though
RV - good fortitude if your victory statues are high lv, also very good at Pisces, top 3 aid in BR if you use shooters build
AL - his active skill and divine is good in attacking, if you know you can't take enemy heroes, aid not that good really
Sapp - very useful when using flyers, also good for GC. At lower aid skill lvs he is a better aid than Hydra
AC - active skill and divine are great against boss, also has good fortitude when your defenses are at high lv
TB - great aid at higher lvs, active skill and divine good in lower BR stages, not bad in PvP
BH - great aid for your ranged heroes, before he got his divine that was his only use, now i am not sure but probably it stayed like this
DS - top 3 aid in BR for all builds, divine is good in attacking for pulling out Ambrosia
Djinni - i wouldn't use him as aid, divine is i think the worst in game, great hero for salvaging
PG - great aid in all game modes, used in wizard strategy, good in pvp. Has also good fortitude and divine.
PP and SW - rare heroes, top 3 aids on shooters/wizards builds, PP is also a must have for SS teams.
All other heroes are "must have" (for me at least) in 1 game mode or more, therefore should be your priority to spend your precious mutas and rings