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[Guide] Coliseum Real-Time PvP Introduction

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The Coliseum is a new feature that allows players from different platforms (Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows Phone) and language versions battle with each other in real time.

1. How to access the Coliseum

During the event, the Coliseum will be accessible from an icon on the top right of your base. Tap on the icon to access the Coliseum interface. The Coliseum can also be accessed through the Hero Trials portal and the treasure chest icon (“Limited” tab). The Coliseum icon will be removed when the event ends.

Coliseum Icon:

2. Battlefield

The Coliseum uses a battlefield similar to the Hero Trials. A new building, the Shrine, will be introduced in the Coliseum. The Shrine's level is based on your level. The Shrine will be 10% of your current level (rounded down to the nearest whole number). The highest level for a Shrine is 15. 

Shrine Skill: Attack the nearest enemy, dealing a small amount of damage in an area.

3. Event Duration

The Coliseum will open from 00:00 - 04:00, 08:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 22:00 EST (GMT -5) every day. The Coliseum event will be available till the next update. 

4. Gameplay

The Coliseum shares gameplay similar to Hero Trials but with specialized matchmaking:

A. Matchmaking
Tap on the “Find Battle” button to search for a suitable opponent. You can cancel the matchmaking before an opponent is found.
B. Enter Battle
Once an opponent has been found for you, the battle loading screen will appear and your battle will commence shortly. You’ll be randomly assigned to the Home or Away team. The Home team will be located at the bottom. The Away team will be located at the top.
C. Start Battle
The battle will commence shortly after the battle loading screen reaches 100%. Auto-battle is not available in the Coliseum. You’ll have to manually release your Heroes’ Skills and Team Skills. Using your Heroes’ Active Skill consumes Rage. Hero Skills, Team Skills, and Backup Heroes require one second to prepare before they can be released or deployed. In the event that the Active Skill was not successfully released, the consumed Rage will be returned to you.

5. Battle Duration

The battle will last for three minutes. After two minutes have passed in the battle, Rage recovery rate will be doubled and healing effects will be halved for both players.

6. Battle Results

There are three different battle results in the Coliseum:
Victory: Destroy your opponent’s Shrine before the battle duration is over.
Defeat: Your opponent destroyed your Shrine before the battle duration is over.
Draw: Neither party’s Shrine was destroyed within the battle duration.
7. Battle Rewards

Win a Coliseum battle daily to get rewards. Accumulate Fame before the next update to win fabulous rewards from Coliseum Craze. The more Fame you earn, the better the rewards will be. 

8. Battle Report

Battle Reports will only be stored for a maximum of seven days. Only the latest 15 battle reports will be available. You can share these battle reports with your Guild.

9. Special Note

A. Fortitude Skills are not available in the Coliseum.
B. Glory Statues' effects are not available in the Coliseum.
C. Both active and passive spells are not available in the Coliseum.
D. If either party disconnects during battle, the battle will continue. However, their Heroes’ Skills and Backup Heroes will not be released or deployed. If the disconnected player returns before the battle ends, they can continue as normal.
E. A Wi-Fi prompt will appear when your connection is unstable.
F.  Thunder Blade will have no effect against the Shrine.
G.  Ten Team Skills will be available for you to choose in the Coliseum. You will be able to bring three Team Skills to battle for free.

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all device (android, windows phone, Amazon) in the 0ne servers...its true..

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ya well, coliseum SUCKS.  out of 10 battles, 9 are draws.. theres not enough time on the timer, because everyone has enchant.berzerker aids which makes the hero unkillable in the short term..then you have a useless tower that takes even more time..the result...draw draw draw draw draw...waste my time much? this game is useless and i may just delete it completely... id sooner lease a new truck than what ive put into this POS..only if the dev team would actually test thtier junk...

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Morze byc

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Its awsome

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