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[Chat(iOS)] 24h coral EXP egg events!

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Posted on 3/6/16 8:20:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys!

There recently was a 24h event where you would receive free coral exp eggs if you'd buy a fixed amount of gems.
Now I was a little too late for this and have money for gems on my itunes account.
Do you guys think (out of experience and/or knowledge of the game) that this will happen again any time soon?

Thanks in advance for answering!


Posted on 3/6/16 7:27:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

all events will be back one day or another:) BUT  buying gems to get those 24 corel egg is really a "worst choice" in the buying event.
 best thing is getting new  heros or their shards          (or at least a good hero that u want to evolve but don't get it in 10x hire.. even if Glory gg has solves a part of this trouble.
   getting Mutagen in a consequent amount, or rings ( meuh), or even a new weapon evolution,  are good idea too
but XP is really in the bottum of choices .. just above gold...