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[Q&A Zone] problem guild clash!

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Posted on 7/2/15 4:44:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello I play a COL2 on Windows phone. I am the leader of the Guild TheRoyal rank 12 of the continent 1. Today Thursday 02/07 we are 21 fighters Guild clash. But to our surprise we see against us: Space grimmlins: rank 4/38 fighters. Viet Nam: rank 2/44  fighters. Friends VN: rank 1/36 fighters! Found the best ok, but the it will lose force! There is too much difference of combatants. Not normal! Will he please made something for this injustice! We're good players, but it is dead for us

Posted on 7/2/15 5:36:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only