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[Guide] Rundown on rings guide

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Posted on 11/14/14 12:54:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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This guide is intended for someone trying to build rings for getting that next hero you've been wanting and just can't get lucky with 3x hire. Another way I like to use rings is building a hero's skill. There are a few ways to get rings: from chests, mugs, buy in campaign clash, and lucky spin. I've found the most effective and least expensive way to obtain rings is the lucky spins, which requires 900 jewels to complete all 4 spins. This is the best way to obtain rings with jewels and can be very lucrative. I've obtained as many as 1910 jewels, and that's not even maxing out! Obviously you can get much less, but as long as you score more than 400 you've done better than buying rings in the treasure shop! Hope this helps you as much as it did for me. I was able to obtain a pounder and blockhead relatively fast and without having to waste all of my jewels on unlucky spins.

Posted on 11/24/14 9:06:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I wanted to add some info about Lucky Spin.  If you never pay to hire heroes it will take 100 Free Hires to get a Lucky Spin  That will take 100 hours to accumulate.  So just over 4 days.  In that time you will also get at least 100 rings (one for each Free Hire)  

To get a Lucky Spin faster, buy a Hero Treaty and use x3 Hire 10 times.  That will cost you 4500 rings.  The Hero Treaty only comes with 3800 so you will need another 700.  Plus you want the 900 left to do the Lucky Spin so figure on having 5400 Gems if you want to go this route.

My other ring strategy is to buy a Monthly Package.  Besides the 1400 Gems that come with it, you get 400 a day.  If you do Campaign Clash, Lords League, Hero Arena, Dungeon Crawl, and Resource Raids every day you should get at least another 200 Gems.  So every two days you should have 1000-12000 Gems.  Then you can spend 1000 Gems on the Chest of Rings for 400 Rings.  That adds up pretty quick as well.

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