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[Guide] Precision Base Attacking [Guide]

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Format: Andriod
IGGID: 192828868
IGN: alpha
Version: 1.0.161
Guide: strategy on attack (Base Jumping)

Welcome to my base attacking guide, I hope to share some of what ive leant the hard way. Please grab you sticky notes or pens and the backs of your hands and you'll be taking down people with alot more sucsess.

Letttttssss Goooooooooooo.

Step 1. - Evaluate the base your about to attack.

Each and every base has a flaw its just a matter of finding it and exploiting it, Weather that is hero placement, building works, weak walls, or base not designed to keep attackers busy. The base above im going to help exploit its weakness and hope to give you some pointers along the way.

In the base above their downfall was???....

If you guessed hero placement you were 100% correct. All of their heros are at one side of the map (better placements are around the center of the map or th) plus on top of the hero placement they have un evened walls allowing for a quicker raid, but such could have also presented a problem, I needed to ensure my rage was filled and I had enough time to Ensure I would have enough skills to remove them before they became a threat (especially the pan goli & evolved pounder they have)

by the time the heros had moved from their halls they were already weakend and most of their defense was well underway of being destroyed. The Time I had between placing heros at the furthest point & the heros moving off the halls was enough to remove all threat from them.

Also keep a look out for other weak spots as previously mentioned everyone has one its just a matter of looking for it, does one side have less defense? more construction? what about walls? Are they in a corner?

The more you look the more you'll see, and remember always spawn your heros at the futhest part you can itll add valuable seconds to your rage meter.

Catch you all around and BTW if i see this tactic used on me ill find you MWHAHAHAHA.
All the best and good luck


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