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[Guide] Pesky Pan Be Gone [guide]

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Format: Andriod
IGGID: 192828868
IGN: alpha
Version: 1.0.161
Guide: strategy on attack (enemy Pan)

Pan goli has to be one of the most versitile characters within the game leaving a trail of anarchy where ever you meet him and where ever he goes. Heres a quick Pan extermination guide to help you to remove this great hero.

For this you will need.

A Tank hero (pounder, Dark rider, saveage cheif)
2-3 Ranged heros (pan, Skull mage, glory preistess, chiron)
Alternative epics & Rares will also help and work these are just a example

Stratergy 1.
1. Study the Base.

From this base I can see that pan is reasonably exposed, hes right on the side of the base. I also know that my pounder will aim for the sniper towers if i placed him in the bottom left, which in turn will pull the pan out so all my sharpshooters from renee and chiron will hit him & hopefully if he came out further would also expose him to Dark Rider.

2. Make your move.

I decided to drop all my heros based on the close proximity of blockead & Renee as to try and take out both pan and renee before they done any real damage. If your unsure sacrifice one of your heros wait until enemy pan uses his ragna and drop all the other heros on him try and take him out within 10 seconds if not lower and be prepared to see him glow with a yellow/gold symbol above his head (this is when pan goli has another pan goli as a aid) I only made this move with all heros due to chirons skill of which I will cover in more depth in another guide.

3. Buy you time & Hit him hard.

Always spawn your heros at the furthest point you can never spawn on the wall, this will allow your rage to build evening out or even bettering your odds. I must stress skill level will be a big factor but if in doubt drop the one hero and wait for him to use his as mentioned above. Use your most concentrated skills & buffs to ranged mercs.

4. clean up isle 5

Continue destrotying defense if youve been sucsessful.

This stratagy works well for other heros who could pose a threat either silly high level hero, or some like abyss deamon who are better taken out quickly.

Have fun and please check out my other guides for lots more help and tips

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2 Thumbs up review, nice break down

Its because i said it
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what's your team

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This is a good guide but depending on the rest of his characters it might be a lot more difficult then you think. Getting rid of pan goli is only the beginning. Pounder is more of a problem because he has his evolve which makes him almost impossible to kill.

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Yes and no.  I think the biggest concern is still Pan Goli.  However, if he has a Pan Goli as an aid he will likely be alive long enough to get at least one Ragnarok off which could heavily damage your team.  Doesn't matter if you focus him if he is already at zero health but won't die.

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Like Fear said if Pan Goli has the Goli Aid then it is practically inevitable to avoid his Skill. Otherwise your plan is very good.

Also if he does have Goli Aid just us Chiron's Skill so his clones get hit instead and use Abyss Demons skill just in case a hero gets hit.

If you don't have Chiron or Abyss try using Carol D Belle's Summon snowy to take one of the hits. Which will spare only one hero. And try to heal your heroes if possible.(Hydrasour, Glory Priestess)

Also Renees skill is good in case a hero dies.

You can also use Goli to help kill him faster.

Beside that just do your best and hope pan goli spares you or hope you can survive.