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[Guide] [COL2 Strategy] Upgrading your Heroes

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Upgrading your Heroes

The 4 Grades of Heroes

Green (Normal) Blue (Good) Purple (Rare) Orange (Epic)

The higher the grade, the stronger the skill and the better the base attributes of the Hero.

There are 4 types of levels to be upgraded in the Hero menu:

1. Hero Level

2. Mercenary Level

3. Skill Level

4. Passive Skill

1. Hero Level

Increasing the level of your Heroes is crucial in making them stronger in battle.
Hero levels can be increased by gaining EXP from fusing other Hero Cards as well as gaining EXP in battle.

Green Heroes: 20 EXP
Blue Heroes: 100 EXP
Purple Heroes: 500 EXP
Orange Heroes: 1500 EXP

Once a Hero reaches a certain level, the number of mercenaries it has will increase.

An experienced warrior will know that mercenaries are the star of the show when attacking. During defense, mercenaries cannot be used and your town is left in the hands of your high level Heroes and defense structures.

2. Mercenary Level

Souls are required to increase the level of your mercenaries.

If attacking is your main mode of battle, this is definitely a must. Increasing the level of your mercenaries makes them tougher in battle and lets them tear down enemy defenses with ease.

3. Skill Level

Skills can be upgraded using Rings. These can be obtained by recruiting Heroes, playing the Drinking Game or by opening Treasure Chests from Raids.

There are 4 types of Active Skills

1. Skills affecting individual targets

2. Skills with a damage radius

3. Skills that enhance mercenaries of a particular type (Leader-type Hero Skill)

4. Skills that enhance defense

A preferred strategy is to upgrade type 3 Skills followed by type 2 Skills.

Type 3 Skills can mainly be found with Purple or Orange Heroes.

The Rage required for these skills is reduced once they have been upgraded to a certain level, making them even more useful in battle.

By the time you reach 4 Rage in battle, your mercenaries are either on the verge of defeat or your main Hero has already been taken out.

4. Passive Skills

Once your Hero has been upgraded to Level 10, 300 Jewels can be used to activate a Passive Skill.