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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] Base Tactics

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[p=22, null, left]First and most basic thing to never lose any battle in this game is that you need to keep things upgraded to their latest and top most versions like Erma Guard, Victory Statue, Reaper and it depends on your level and resources, like your castle, arms, troops, etc

You should be updated to their at most level so that they are further secured and safe otherwise you’re leaving holes through your castles for your enemies.While designing your castle you need to make sure that the buildings and other towers you’re building are closed to each other.

[p=22, null, left]My base are in the middle position including erma, sniper tower, victory statue and magic tower so the others are outside and it should be no spaces between two buildings because if you left spaces then it can be easier for enemies to find way through your castle. You need to take care of this thing and don’t take it light.

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Thx for that i hope my thread will help :)

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Good post :D