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Posted on 4/16/14 6:13:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In Lords League we only have 10 chances a day...

Is there a limit on how may times u can be attacked per day?


Posted on 4/16/14 7:44:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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No limit really. Everyone starts out with the same amount, and there is no shield for lords. Fortunately lords is governed by trophy count, so say you have 800 trophy and you get hit 6 times dropping your trophy count down to 680, this now puts you into a different bracket of players that will have you on their board , dropping you away from the upper players that were destroying you. And into a zone where your defense should be able to sustain your lowered trophy count. You can only keep what you can properly defend.  Its a common mistake in this game to do 10 lords and gain 260 trophy and login the next day to find 220 of that is gone, at that point you need to watch your replays and rearrange your base or upgrade weapons until your base can sustain your trophy count ...