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[Guide] [Guide] How to make a good team of heros for beginners

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Game IGN :140799686
First of all currently there are 25 heroes in game of which 3 are from normal 6 from good 9 from rare and 7 from epic. You can identify their rarity from colour of the heroes.
Green     -- normal
Blue.       --Good
Purple.   -- Rare
Yellow    --Epic

When rarity increase so dies their attack and defense stats . Also heroes can be classified again on their nature in 4 ways. These nature primarily reflects their active skills

      TYPE.                               SKILL
1.Aggressive type.   Deals damage to enemies
2 Defensive   type.   Restores health of hero
3.Hero type.               Increases attack of hero
4.Healing type.         Restores health of another
                                    hero in team

Thats some basics about types of heroes now lets see how you can recruit heroes in game.
Well mainly you have a chance to recruit 12 heroes 1 every 2 hours for free . Heroes you get will be from normal , good or rare. You can also try rwcruiting heroes with gems 250 gems for 1 or 750 for 3. This way you stand a chance to recruit an epic hero.

Secondly you can recruit heroes from shop by paying rings. Am hoping that you guys are already familiar with how to get rings.

There are many events through which you can get good heroes as well check out the events board often to see them.

Now lets look at some tips on making a good team. Well obviously epic heroes are the best but unless you spend serious money in app purchase it will not be easy getting epic heroes in the start so how should we manage our team  and what heroes can we consider

You can have maximum of 5 heroes. Each hero will have a certain number of mercenaries.  Number of mercenaries increase with the level of hero. You can also enhance mercenaries level by spending souls. While defending your base mercenaries will not be available.

Its best to have different types of heroes than sticking to 1 or 2 types as each have their own advantage . You should have air type heroes , mage and bombers can attack the defences over the walls .we can launch grenades from bombers from 1 side of enemy base to another

Selction of heroes should also be considered based on their skills every hero has active and passive skills or other wise called talents. Rare and epic heroes also have hero aid skills which are activated when you use them as hero aids.

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Decided to give the game a go last week as F2P. So far have Dark Rider, Skull Mage (x2), Air Elite(x2), Savage Chief (x2), Blitz Bomber (x3) and Blockhead all level 42.

Finding the game very slow to level though, can't get much higher then 700 Trophies either.

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Nice guide

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Igg id :175879473 
IGN :surma 
VERSION :android 
 Develop the hero's one by one.. Concentrate on single hero and put up souls and rings and all him little bit powerful and make his hero level to 100. Likewise improve defence and town hall to reach better development. Use x1450 hire for conform epic hero. Thank you

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Hi my name is jake can I ask you a few questions?

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IGG ID:216 444 034


Here are some simple steps to help you get going on Clash of Lords 2


1) Upgrade your town hall at roughly the same pace as you upgrade your defences/walls.

2) Keep your Town hall protected the best you can, preferably in in the center of your defences with your heros close by.

3) Play the quests in the lower left corner of the main page as frequently as you can.

4) As you progress in the game you will win Rings, Gems and Souls. Do not waste any of these rewards on the pink or let heros. Try to save the rewards for the "Epic" rare heroes that will come guaranteed as you play.

Here is a list of of some of my favorite epic heroes: ( for example )
-Renee  Ven
-Artic Lord
-Abyss Demon
-Great Sage
-Dark Rider
-Pan Goli

5) Upgrade your heros to level 5 so you can have 2 hero aids, which combined make your main heros much more powerful.

6) If you can invest real money into this game buy the monthly package for $9.99, you get 1400 gems to start and 400 gems per day for 30 days. It will help you get the better epic heroes a little faster.

7) Play daily and you will level up very steady pace plus you will win daily rewards, gems and heros.

8) Remember it is a game and it it is meant to be an enjoyable source of entertainment, so play and have some great fun.

Thank you for checking out my suggestions for begginers that are new to Clash of lords 2. If you have any questions, please let me know I would be happy to help with the knowledge that I have.

Thank you,